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Think about all of the information that you access on the Web on a day-to-day basis: news headlines, search results, "What's New", job vacancies, and so forth. A large amount of this content can be thought of as a list. Most people need to track a number of these lists, but it becomes difficult once there are more than a handful of sources. This is because they have to go to each page, load it, remember how it's formatted, and find where they last left off in the list.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site. Originated by UserLand in 1997 and subsequently used by Netscape, RSS has evolved into a popular means of sharing content between sites. RSS allows peoples' computers to fetch and understand the information, so that all of the lists they're interested in can be tracked and personalized for them. It is a format that's intended for use by computers on behalf of people, rather than being directly presented to them (like HTML).

RSS can also be the basis for additional content distribution services. To enable this, a Web site will make an RSS feed, or channel, available, just like any other file or resource on the server. Once a feed is available, computers can regularly fetch the file to get the most recent items on the list.

In order to make it easier for the site users to use its content and have access to our databases in a non comercial way, we offer for a non comercial use a group of RSS feeds.

The suplied RSS feeds offer the latest information about various parts of the website Headoff.INFO.

If you use the information from these RSS documents in an article or other type of publication, we strongly insist that you mention the source of the information as text Headoff.INFO or graphical link. You can find our graphical lnks and banners here.

Please, use a local copy of the RSS documents. Please, access the feeds in a minimum interval of 2 hours. Access to the service for users, who abuse it by accessing the supported feeds too often will be denied. If you have trouble using the system please contact us at news@headoff.info.

Available RSS Feeds

News Feed Latest News Headlines

Demos Feed Latest Demos

Patches Feed Latest Patches

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